CHROs Play an Important Role in Succession Plans Amid New Normal

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Leadership in HR faces the challenges of succession planning amid the new normal.

As COVID-19 brought everything to standstill, the companies were forced to either shut their shops completely or cut down on their businesses. Hiring was out of question, and firing became a norm. However, amid this hiring-firing chaos, there was a need for leadership within the organization. 

Succession plan is not a new concept for the chief of human resources, however, as the things stand now (the concept of new normal becomes clear), the organizations are recalibrating and reassessing their business models and workforces. 

Inference: CHROs are reassessing the workforce for the skills already present in the employees and the skills that will be needed in the future. 

Result: Human Resource Leader assessing their workforce to understand the present skills within the organization and the skills needed for the future. All this is being done with the hope that through this exercise both succession plans and career maps will come out. 

However, amid all this chaos, the big question that faces the human resources leaders is what will the succession plan look like in the new normal? Considering the fact that there has been a dramatic shift in the job’s market. 

A year ago – it was the candidates' reign – as there was a fierce competition in the jobs market and it was hard to find the right candidate. Compared to the present scenario, the unemployed workers who are looking for new opportunities have flooded the labor pool. 

With the current scenario – CHROs are dealing with numerous questions like –

1. How to adjust these unemployed workforces in the organization?

2. How can the human resources leader help the current employees build a route for their future that will help the employees grow and ensure that they stay in the organization?

3. This leads to another question – how does the leadership in HR ensure that the businesses remain agile and at the same time are able to sustain the quality of leadership that is required for success? 


While succession planning is one of the most important parts of HR leaders and CHROs, currently it has taken a backseat considering the pandemic. And there have been various challenges that the organizations have been fighting in order to focus on succession planning. 


However, the experts warn that there can be a huge gap in leadership in the near future, if the current situation prevails. Implying that if the CHROs didn’t think of innovative ways to figure out the succession planning amid the new normal then it can pose serious problems, as there can be a skill deficit as the companies move ahead in the future. 


It is imperative for human resource leaders to take time out of their busy schedule and focus on the growth and development of the current employees so that they can take up the roles of the future leaders thus giving them an edge as the businesses return to regular practices. 


While the industry experts say that they understand why succession planning took a back seat, they warned that if it continued for long then it could pose a serious problem.


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