How Your Kids Are Secure With Best Computer Monitoring?

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Computer monitoring is a relatively new concept in the digital world. Parents look to monitor their kids’ activities to protect them from the threats of the digital world that are quite pressing nowadays.

Threats of digital communication to the kids

If we talk about the usage of digital networks for the kids, it comes to our knowledge that kids are becoming victims of cyber bullying and harassment more and more.

The pattern has augmented since the Covid-19 outbreak, as all the academic and many other activities have switched to online mode. So, kids have got their hands to digital gadgets; their screen time is increased massively.

The most pressing issues and threats that kids face while using computer devices are

·   Increased screen time that affects health

  • Cyber bullying
  • Harassment
  • Sex offending
  • Cyber predating

Increased screen time badly affects the health of the kids in many ways. The addiction of using so much internet and social media in early ages can ruin the eye-sight of the kids, as reported.

The kids doing so keep on missing meals, and do not take proper diet, as they always remain in the surge of getting access to the internet. So, increased screen time has serious implications for the kids.

Moreover, the excessive use of social media actually paves the wayfor criminals to get access to the kids. Children nowadays are very much fond of using social media to connect in their network.

The friends make groups in social networking apps and then use them to connect with each other. But the problem finds its roots in the massive number of unverified and unidentified users who look to get into kids’ network.

After connecting with the child, they try to build trust with the kid and look to know about their secrets, and then exploit and blackmail the kids using their secrets.

So, social media monitoring is an important aspect of computer monitoring for the protection of the child.

Use of TheOneSpy computer monitoring software

For parents, the best solution is to extensively monitor all the computer activities of the kids so that they may be safeguarded from any potential harm.

Nowadays, the best computer monitoring software is TheOneSpy. It furnishes iPhone and android monitoring as well for the security of the kids. The app does all the spying without any hint to the target user.

Let’s have a look at the significant features of TheOneSpy

Monitoring of social media activities

TheOneSpy allows spying on all the social media activities performed by the kid. All the individual and group chats can be extensively tracked for the entire communication.

This way, the parent can get to know if there is any sort of harassing and bullying activity taking place with the child in the conversations. After knowing about any such activity, the parent can block the specific contact, which is harassing the child.

Blocking specific websites

The computer monitoring software allows the parent to block a number of websites that are considered as unsuitable for the kid to visit. The websites containing sexually explicit content can be blocked for the moral and ethical wellbeing of the child.

Screen recording to record live activities

The parent can turn on the screen recording feature at any point of time. This is most commonly done while kids use social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder etc can be looked into in real-time.

The software can provide a live view, and it can even record the activities in the form of short clips.

Capturing screenshots for specific keywords

The software has another state-of-the-art feature. This allows defining specific keywords to capture screenshots when the said keyword is typed or searched over the computer screen.

Online and offline tracking

The software does all the spying even if the device is not connected to the internet. This is done by recording all the activities in a log file.

Other significant features include surround recording, location tracking of the device, and much more.


The significance of using computer monitoring software for the security of the kids is discussed. It is found that TheOneSpy is the best software that addresses the needs of parents by all means.

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