Pawna Lake – Complete Information

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History of Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is basically a fake lake brought into reality because of the Pawna dam (Pavana dam). Pawna dam is situated on Pawna stream in Maval taluka, around 40 km from the lines of Pimpri Chinchwad city. Its ability is around 10 TMC. The development of the dam started in 1963 and finished in 1972, is 1,329 m (4,360 ft) long and 42.37 m (139.0 ft) high, with a gross stockpiling limit of 0.24 km (0.058 cu mi). The backwaters of the Pawna Dam framed a supply, and the Pawna Dam backwaters in this way came to be known as Pawna Lake.

 Geology of Pawna Lake

 Pawna Lake's geological area in the Western Ghats makes it a characteristic problem area for greenery. Pawna dam is worked by Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. The primary reason behind the development of the Pawna dam is the hydroelectric force age and water supply. Pawna hydroelectric undertaking and Multipurpose Project are based on Pawna dam with a power age limit of 1250 MW.


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 Mumbai to Pawna lake:

 – Via Dudhiware khind = 105 km

 Mumbai > Lonavala > Bhangarwadi > Dudhiware khind > Pawna lake.

 – Via Kamshet = 122km

 Mumbai > Lonavala > Kamshet > Pawna lake.

 Pune to Pawna lake:

 - Via Kamshet = 65km

 Pune > Pimpri Chinchwad > Kamshet > Pawna lake

 - Via Paud street = 45km

 Pune > Paud > Kolvan > Jovan > Thakursai > Pawna lake


 Pawna Lake's vicinity to the occurrence objective of Lonavala makes it effectively open from that point. It is simply around 20 kilometers from the Lonavala Railway Station. The most effortless approach to head out is to recruit a taxi or a taxi from Lonavala.

 There is an acceptable street network from Pune, Lonavala, and Mumbai to Pawna Lake. The close-by town of Kamshet, off the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, additionally offers a lot of transport offices to the lake which is just 35 kilometers away. The closest railroad line is in Lonavala, and the training course is quite picturesque as you approach Lonavala.

 The travel industry At Pawna Lake

 As of late, regions encompassing Pawna Dam and Pawna Dam Reservoir have seen a quick ascent in the travel industry because of the water body's closeness to Lonavala slope station and fortresses like Lohagad, Tikona, and Tung. Different camping area organizations have been begun around the Pawna Dam Lake. Agro-the travel industry has likewise thrived. Pawna Lake draws in guests for the most part from the two significant adjoining urban areas of Pune and Mumbai. Around 4,000 individuals from these two urban communities visit the lake consistently. What should be done At Pawna Lake?

 •            Adventures at Dudhiware Waterfall

 •            Camping at Pawna Lake

 •            Paragliding

 •            Trek up to the Lohagad or Visapur

 •            Tikona Fort Trek

 •            Kayaking at Pawna Lake

 1) Adventures at Dudhiware Waterfall

 Dudhiware cascade is an occasional monsoon cascade and is situated at Dudhiware town, close to Lonavala. This 2-level cascade falls at the tallness of about approx 135 feet from a stone construction. One can partake in the magnificence of Dudhiware cascade and furthermore rush of water rappelling, zip-lining, valley crossing, and so forth

 Its streams are dynamic during the top rainstorm season. The lone season for cascade rappelling is during the storm. As of now the streams and waterways run full and every one of the levels channel water into cascade at the precipices.

 2) Camping at Pawna Lake

 Pawna Lake, otherwise called Pawna Dam Reservoir. The supply is 25 km from Lonavala and is progressively getting mainstream as an excursion and camping area for guests from Pune and Mumbai. This is one of the speedy end-of-the-week excursions and is considered a standout amongst other setting up camps close to Pune and Mumbai. Setting up camp is one such experience where the spirit gets revived and loosened up in between the superb nature open in the entire season and for individuals of all age gatherings. Setting up camp in a rainstorm gives an ideal retreat. Resting under the stars with a foundation score of crickets and a weak breeze packs the sluggishness out and fills it with new energy.

 Pawna Lake setting up camp is truly renowned and draws in a ton of corporate and youthful groups. Tents are set around the outskirts of the lake and one can partake in the dinners and diversion on the waterfront. The foundation turns out to be enthusiastic with unrecorded music, a huge fire, games, and grill supper, transforming the evening into an ideal escape.

 3) Paragliding at Pawna Lake

 An absolute necessity visited objective for experience darlings, paragliding here allows you to partake in a magnificent trip over Pawna Dam. Also, watching the dusk at the skyline as you fly like a kite, is absolutely a thrilling encounter.

 Paragliding assists you with breaking the chains of gravity and pave the way for the skies. It's not just about paragliding, it's the manner in which you take a gander at life!

 4) Trek up to the Lohagad or Visapur

 Lonavala or say Mawal is the fortune of excellent mountains and fortifications. Lohagad post and Visapur fortress are additionally situated in Lonavala. Lohagad is probably the best fortification to visit during any season. Lohagad stronghold is associated with Visapur fortress which is additionally a decent journeying place in the event that you have the opportunity to cover both the fortifications in a single day.

 Visapur fortification is bigger and at a higher risk than its twin stronghold Lohagad. These are extremely simple trips and surprisingly an amateur adventurer ought not to have any issues. At Lohagad, there are just advances and less measure of journeying is required while the trip to Visapur stronghold is a treat for the experienced aficionado in everybody.

 5) Tikona Fort Trek

 Tikona otherwise called Vitandgad is the predominant slope fortress in Mawal. It is situated close to Kamshet around 37.7 km from Lonavala. The 3500 ft high slope is pyramidal fit and the name Tikona signifies 'Three-sided'.

 The fortification is journeying objective noted for enormous entryways, the sanctuary of 'Trimbakeshwar Mahadev', seven water tanks, and Satvahan caves. There is a sanctuary inside the cavern which is a fundamental fascination of the fortification alongside water storage. The section to the passageway of the stronghold is a bit steep with bent steps. One can get eye-getting perspectives on the Pawna Dam and the strongholds at Visapur, Tung, and Lohagad. In short, the view from the stronghold is stupendous.

 6) Kayaking at Pawna Lake

 However kayaking has gradually acquired prominence among the experience local area, it is as yet a movement that is outside the standard in India. It remains instead of the serious game. All things considered, presently kayaking is accessible at Pawna Lake Close To Lonavala.

 Everybody should encounter kayaking at Pawna Lake since it tends to be so tranquil, yet you are in that general area in nature. Anyway taking up kayaking can have all the more long-haul advantages to your physical and mental prosperity than you understand.

 Touring around Pawna Lake

 Pawna Dam is one of the investigated spots around the city. It's an ideal escape for a quiet one-day excursion. The lake gives new water to the Pimpri Chinchwad region. Individuals who went to the lake can likewise visit a few fortifications like Tungi, Lohgad, and Tikona and numerous sanctuaries nearby. A counterfeit lake, Pawna Dam is situated around 15 km from Lonavala in the Sahyadri ranges. It's settled in the midst of vegetation and slopes offering an extraordinary view. Pawna Lake appeared as the Pawna Dam was underlying the region, which now alongside being a wellspring of new water, likewise fills in as a host for travelers who come here for alleviating their psyches, setting up camp, and for picnics. Adventurers likewise frequently investigate this region. A lot of promotions are shot with this lake behind the scenes. An island in the water body adds to its excellence. This spot resembles a craftsman's range, offering ample tones with blue waters, green vegetation, earthy colored slopes, and the open blue sky above

 Pawna Lake offers all you've longed for in a vacation area – a quiet setting, delightful scenes with unequaled landscapes, and the opportunity to investigate. From the antiquated remains of fortifications to immaculate fields of terrains, there is such a great amount to see.

 Lohagad Fort: One of the most picturesque slope fortresses in the territory of Maharashtra neglecting the Pawana Lake which is situated toward the south of the fortification.

 Visapur Fort: An augmentation of the Lohagad Fort on the Lohagad-Visapur stronghold line, at the stature of 3,550 feet above ocean level.

 Tung Fort (Kathingad Fort): With a height of 3,527 feet, Tung Fort is perhaps the hardest post to get to. Arriving at it from the Pawna Dam requires a 400-meter steep trip.

 Koraigad Fort: Extremely all around protected and unblemished, this fortress is just about as apparently flawless. An unquestionable requirement visit.

 Tikona Fort: One of the most seasoned fortifications in the district, tracing all the way back to the seventh and eighth century A.D. This slope post is a pyramidal fit and offers beguiling perspectives on the supply and different strongholds.

 Best Time to Visit Pawna Lake

 Because of a lovely environment consistently, Pawna Lake stays a misjudged top choice to be visited whenever you need to. The majority of Lonavala and encompassing regions are dry and many water bodies evaporate in summer, however, this being a dam had water even in May.

 Summers at Pawna Lake are short yet enthusiastically warm and moist. It encounters high moistness during the summers with a searing mercury ascent of 40 degrees Celsius and thus this season might feel awkward for travelers to visit the town. The summers at Pawna Lake begin from the long stretch of March and reach out till the finish of April. The evenings, notwithstanding, are agreeable and cool. The spot has heat and humidity and gets extensive precipitation during the year.

 The rainstorm months are shocking as the fields and glades turn distinctive green, an ideal opportunity to relish the eye-satisfying gifts of nature.

 Winters invite travelers that are searching for cool and wonderful get-aways in Southern India. Winters are considered as a fantastic season to visit the town where the evenings are cool and cold with a mercury drop of 13 degrees Celsius and a most extreme ascent of 30 degrees Celsius.